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Ecological Fuel Load Reduction.

Browsing goats can take place at any time of the year, even during the rainy season.  Planned browsing is also an effective way to manage the regrowth of bush and scrub after fire has moved through an area.  Goats will remove heavy fuel loads in areas where brush is too thick to penetrate.Managed Intensive Grazing can reduce the volume, thickness, height, and width of bushland enclosements, returning areas to a living greenbelt.

Eco Goats Qld managed browsing replicates the positive effects of natural wildfire.  The herds move slowly through bushland, native forests,hinterland environs and urban interface zones, carving their way through high fuel laddered bush and undergrowth.  Managed browsing breaks the continuity of flammable cover, providing natural firebreaks and sustainable fire protection. 


Managed Grazing: 





  • Creates Fire Breaks

  • Reduces Fuel Loads

  • Increases Spatial Distance Between Shrubs and Trees

  • Prunes Tree Ladder Fuels up to two meters off the Ground

  • Helps Restore post fire Environments


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