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Hunchy Road

Hunchy rd Hunchy on the sunshine coast QLD is home to some troublesome invasive weeds species like Tithonia (Japanese sunflower) and Lantana. These tend to grow in troublesome areas where it is difficult to access and manage. That is until we found a solution. Goats!

Keils Mountain Road

A slopey pool area full of cane grasses and vines was cleared out within two days with our four leggered weed eaters!

Meet The Herd

Meet our very special four leggered weed eating family! Everyone has their own special character thats for sure!

Our Guardian Maremma's

Our trusty livestock guardians are the ones to thank when we arrive to a happy complete herd every morning. They do a great job!

Seq Water Treatment Plant

6 foot tall cane grass! how do you manage this on such a steap enbankment? Our trusty weed eaters love a challenge! No jobs to hard for a goat!

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