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How Our Goat Grazing Works

We are a small vegetation management company finding solutions to manage and access difficult, weedy, overgrown, urban and rural landscapes. Also creating firebreaks and reducing fire fuel loads, using old generational grazing technology


Small ruminants (goats) are known as natural browsers. Weeds are a natural source of food for these animals. Eco Grazing Goats, when managed correctly, are low impact and have a low seed viability reputation with an aggressive appetite.

Eco Goats Qld will assess your site or project to see if we are able to assist you.


Using the vegetative grazing preferences of animals like sheep, goats, one can suppress or eliminate certain undesirable plants from a landscape and encourage other more desirable species. If a landowner’s management needs coincide with an animal’s grazing preferences, targeted grazing can be a powerful and cost-effective tool for reaching those land management goals.

Site restoration using grazing entails two phases. The first is to suppress undesirable plants and restore a desired plant community. The second is to maintain that desirable community indefinitely. These two phases use different grazing approaches, take different lengths of time, have different costs per acre, and, in some cases, may even use different species or breeds of livestock.

Got Weeds? Get Goats!


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