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Weeding Techniques


​Mother Nature created a perfect weed eating machine in goats.  Noxious weeds are extremely aggressive, invasive and difficult to control.   Herbicides have been used with limited success, but repeated use of chemicals is expensive.

  In addition, repeated use of chemicals can cause weeds to mutate and actually increase in density and endurance. 

Since goats prefer weeds over grasses they will always seek for weeds and consume them first.  Managed goat herds snap off and consume all the flower heads, then pick off the leaves, leaving a bare stock.  Because the flower is eliminated immediately, it cannot go to seed and without leaves it cannot photosynthesize and build a root system. 

Numerous studies have demonstrated that goat grazing is a highly effective means of reducing seed head production.  Goats have been used successfully to control Japanese Sunflower,Groundsel,Elephant Grass, and Blackberry,legumes, Morning Glory and a list of other Declared and enviromental plants that degrade both plant and animal habitats. 

Knowledge of a weed's growth and reproduction cycles is crucial when prescribing a grazing treatment. Eco Goats Qld's staff understands that precisely timed grazing / browsing of a weed in conjunction with other methods can eliminate the weed's ability to reproduce, kill the weed, and ultimately lead to its eradication in a managed area.





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