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Eco Goats Qld have many years of expierence in land management, whether it's Ecological, rural, agricultural,Bushland Restoration,Fire management,Urban interface,Local & State govt agencies we can help you with your query.


...that carbon sequestration (absorption of atmospheric carbon by soil and plants) occurs when farmers and ranchers practice good grazing land management? And that carbon sequestration is a key to mitigating climate change?

Consulting Services

Eco Goats Qld provides a consulting service that includes technical and logistical support to State and local govt agencies,developers rural land managers with an interest in ecological land management, fire protection and grazing management.

Eco Goats Qld's consulting service provides a comprehensive introduction to basic ecological land management practices including: managed grazing, grazing timing, stocking density,  and managing invasive plants, as well as covering broader ecological topics such as energy cycles, plant recovery mechanisms, and native habitat restoration.

Because of our commitment to broadening the application and increasing public awareness of ecological grazing and holistic land management,Eco Goats Qld provides consulting services to land owners and small farmers at affordable rates.

Goat Grazing Planning Cycles

Coming soon!!


Alternative Services 


  1. Fire Management 

  2. Mechanical assistance to grazing cycles

  3. Restoration management post grazing events

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